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Fix Error Code 2000-0146 on Dell Laptop

How to Fix Error Code 2000-0146 on Dell Laptop?

Today, we are addressing a problem encountered by Windows users on Dell PCs. If you're among Dell PC users, then you'll want encountered error ‘Dell Error Code 2000-0146' which causes your PC to freeze as well as prevents software applications from responding.

Fix Error Code 2000-0146 on Dell Laptop

The error problem is connected with many factors such as for instance system freeze, slow performance, system crashes, virus infections, Windows problem, drive issues and Windows Registry problems. Some potential fixes for Dell Laptop Error Code 2000-0146.

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  • Run the full system scan
  • Run Disk Check-Up
  • Repair PC Registry
  • Run PSA Diagnostics
  • Reset BIOS Settings
  • Run System Restore in safe mode
  • Run your PC in Safe Mode and Clean Boot

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Solution 1: Run the full system scan

Run the full system scan in your PC to remove every possible virus corruption. There are numerous third-party antivirus software around that you might use Windows built-in antivirus, Windows Defender. Here's how to operate the full system scan on Windows 10 Creators Update:

  • Visit Start > Enter defender> double click on Windows Defender to open the tool.
  • In the left-hand pane, choose the shield icon.

In the brand new window, click the “Advanced scan” option.

Solution 2: Run Disk Check-Up

Another means of Fixing the Dell Laptop Error problem is by running disk cleanup on your own Windows PC. Disk Cleanup is really a Windows utility program that reduces how many unnecessary files on your own hard disk drive to take back disk space.

It also removes temporary files, empties the Recycle Bin, and removes unwanted system files; that could result in the error 0146 problems. Here's how to perform Disk Cleanup:
  • Visit Start > Type Disk Cleanup and hit “Enter”.
  • Await Disk cleanup to scan your drive.
  • Following the scanning, check the “Temporary files” box, and then click “OK” to delete.
  • Select “delete files” to proceed.

Solution 3: Repair PC Registry

The utility program verifies the integrity of system files and repairs files with problems when possible. Here's how to perform an SFC scan on all Windows versions:

  • Visit to Start > type cmd > right-click on Command Prompt > Choose Run as Administrator.
  • Now, type the sfc /scan now command
  • Await the scanning process to accomplish and then restart your computer. All corrupted files will soon be replaced on reboot.

Solution 4: Run PSA Diagnostics

Normally, all system includes a built-in diagnostics program, this system is famous as PSA Diagnostics. Here's how to perform PSA Diagnostics:

  • Restart your Dell PC.
  • Press “F12” key continuously before the Dell logo appears. Wait until “One Time Boot” Menu appears.
  • Now, press the “Down” Arrow in your keyboard to highlight “PSA Diagnostics” option.
  • Hit the “Enter” button.
  • The PSA will begin automatically. Follow the prompts to fix the error issue.

Solution 5: Reset BIOS Settings

BIOS include system settings which determine PC functionality and performance. To reset your Dell PC BIOS follow these steps:

  • To begin with, restart your Dell PC.
  • Hit the “F2” key repeatedly until a System Setup screen window appears.
  • Now, Hit on the “Right Arrow” in your keyboard and wait until “Exit” menu is highlighted.
  • Next, Hit on the “Down Arrow” in your keyboard and select “Load Optimized Defaults” option.
  • Finally, hit the “Enter” button.

Solution 6: Run System restore in safe mode

Running system restore may also fix the error problem on your own Windows PC. Safe mode is just a diagnostics mode in Windows which starts your PC with only basic files and drivers running. Here's how to get this done:

  • Power down your PC and change it on again.
  • See a “Run in Safe Mode” option and hit “Enter”.
  • Head to Start > Type system restore and then hit “Enter”.
  • Follow the prompts to revert back again to a particular restore point.
  • Await the procedure to perform, and then reboot.
Solution 7: Run your PC in Safe Mode and Clean Boot
  • Turn fully off your PC.
  • Turn your PC on again. Press and contain the “F8” key.
  • Select “Safe mode with networking” and hit the “Enter” key.
  • In the System Configuration Utility window, go through the “General” tab followed closely by “Selective Startup.”
  • Hence, uncheck the “load startup items” box, Click “Services”
  • Now, tick “hide all Microsoft services” box and disable all.
Solution 8: Replace your Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

Finally, you may want to restore your PC's HDD because it could be faulty. You can remove your HDD, connect it to some other PC to get into the files and folders on the system; this can enable one to backup important files for security purpose. If the newest PC is not able to identify and access the HDD, then you definitely need to restore it with a fresh one.

If you are follow all steps and not able to fix this error then you can contact us at our Dell Desktop Laptop Support Number Canada Toll-free +1-877-917-4965 to get best solution and you can also connect via Live Chat!

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